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Anonymous said:
❝ what do you think about judas? ❞

"I’ve only talked to him a few times, but he seems pretty cool!" She trailed off for a second. "Well, except when he’s using that book of his.."

❝ Of course, i am a strong demon! ❞

She smiled at him gratefully, hope starting to well within her. “Thank you!” She paused for a moment, surely her mother wouldn’t try to kill the demon too? And what if the opposite happened and he killed her instead? Sure, her mom is crazy, but that doesn’t disregard the fact that she’s her mom and she loves her.

(( So yesterday, I realized we already reached 26 followers, so I spent the night drawing this up. I just— Holy wow you guys are amazing~! <3 ))

❝ Maggy! What's your favourite item in the basement? ❞

"Well other than my Yum Heart, I also really like the Relic, Halo, Guardian Angel, Holy Grail and the Rosary."

❝ Oh? Hi! You must be Magdalene. ❞

"Hello, that I am." She nervously smiled at the giant arachnid before her. Spiders are creepy enough at their normal size, let alone more than twice her size. "Who are you?"

(( Daddy Long Legs was much more fun to draw than I thought he would be! ))

(( So my mom found my ask blog and said that she “liked the cute faces I draw on all my little Maggy’s” and I instantly thought of me sitting with a bunch of Maggy’s… I was originally going to add more but this looked better. :> ))

❝ What does a Yum Heart taste like? =D ❞

"It actually tastes like strawberries~"